Our OPENING Hours This Week 5th to 11th July

Posted on: 5 July, 2021


Over the past year, we’ve been Open. Shut. Open. Music + Small audience. Music + No Audience. No Music. Food. No Food. Food.

We will do our very best to keep the communications as to what the hell is going Out Back as clear as we can until the ship is steady.

We will post on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter & Our Website as much as time, life, children, customers & the occasional hour of sleep will allow.

We are very grateful to be open. And to everyone who has taken the chance to stick the head around the corner and come down the ramp to the Out Back even though they weren’t entirely sure what we were up to any given day.


Monday & Tuesday CLOSED ( we will hopefully be having a few pints in our newly reopened lovely neighbours Rosies Bar)

Wednesday Morning – Local Market Shop in front bar from 9.00am to 12ish ( Neighbourfood Out Back)

Wednesday Evening OPEN – Caitlin Ruth FOOD POP UP (booked out)

Thursday OPEN – Caitlin Ruth FOOD POP UP (currently 2 tables free – email to book)

Friday OPEN – Caitlin Ruth FOOD POP UP (booked out)

( note on the above nights we will do Walk Ins for drinks if the weather is fine and we can put you up on a table on the grassy knoll )

Saturday OPEN from 4pm for Drinks + Table Service

Sunday OPEN from 2pm for Drinks + Table Service.


Monday + Tuesday Closed.

Caitlin Ruth West Cork Set Menu – Wednesday, Thursday & Friday ( 6/7/8/9pm) EMAIL to book.

Saturday + Sunday Open Drinks Table Service


BIA REBEL land in Ballydehob Saturday 17th July and they will not leave for 6 weeks.

We will do Walk Ins + Bookings.

Outdoors. Table Service. Ramen. Grills. Grassy Knolls. Lols.