Opening Times

Posted on: 15 June, 2021

We reopened on Monday 7th June, 2021.
It was a long 8 months, and there were days when we were not sure Irish Pubs would ever be given the go ahead to reopen.
When it seemed there was no trust in our ability to run our business safely. It was disheartening.
But now we are here. Doors open.
We are grateful we have an outdoor space outback that can facilitate the latest guidelines.We know many pubs and small businesses around the country are still waiting..
And as for live music, and music venues, the wait continues..the first to shut down, the last to open.
We cannot wait to get going again with live music gigs. To have musicians and audiences back in the house. THAT WILL BE THE DAY!!!
But thank you all for smashing week one. It was a busy week. We got nothing but support and goodwill all week.
There are still restrictive guidelines in place, the social distancing, maxim 6 to a table, masks on staff etc
It’s not ideal. But we will keep to the rules. As always we are in it for the long haul..100 plus years and counting 🙂
We are relieved to back open again.
Speaking of … 😅
…We take Monday & Tuesday as our days off.
Open again on Wednesday 16th June + Thursday 17th June for Hot Dogs ! Event.
( Note we have one table remaining on Wednesday for the Levis & Rob Krawczyk pop up food event for a Grp between 4-6 people at 6pm) email for details.
From Friday onwards, back to normal business
~ Table Service ~ Out the Back.
Bookings AND Walkins.
Drinks Only but Local Restaurant Take Out ALWAYS Welcome 💪
Opening Hours
Monday  + Tuesday closed
Wednesday to Saturday open at 4pm
Sun open at 1pm 😎