The Diviners

Sat 6 July 2019
Price: Pass The Hat Gig

The Diviners

We are delighted to welcome The Diviners to perform Over The Shop Counter..

Sat 6th July
Doors 8.00pm
Pass The Hat.

Dont miss this gig..


About their debut EP :

” a powerful collection of music and song […] executed with an unflinching confidence that makes The Diviners a very serious Irish Band, who have already made an indelible mark on Irish Music with this first, powerful release.” … ”


Blending invention with tradition, new compositions with old, THE DIVINERS are an innovative traditional music act.

As an ensemble they work from the premise that traditional folk music is both relevant and necessary – a living archive, it contemporizes our relationship to the past in a process of composing its future.

Singing and playing a range of instruments – including uilleann pipes, bouzouki, whistles, flute, guitar, bodhrán, shruti box and harmonica – the live repertoire reflects THE DIVINERS diversity. Works collected from the Irish canon, selections from various traditions, newly composed songs and tunes – all combine to offer an experience of the folk tradition that evokes a sense of passion for where we are now.

Native to Cork City, THE DIVINERS locate their music in the space between locality and universality. In the search for shared experience, traditional music finds common ground.