JINX Lennon

Fri 20 May 2022

JINX Lennon

Levis’ welcomes Jink Lennon to the house.

David “Jinx” Lennon is an Irish punk and urban poet. He has released 10 albums with songs on a broad range of themes.  He uses a rap-like vocal style.  In October 2016, he released two new albums: Magic Bullets of Madness to Uplift the Grief Magnets and Past Pupil Stay Sane. Lennon says he found himself in a “bind” because he hated the characters he wrote about on a previous album, Trauma Themes, Idiot Times, and that it was too pessimistic.

‘I’m About Fucking lifting People’ – Jinx Lennon

We have been waiting for this gig..

Friday 20th May 2022


Ticket €20


Please note this gig MAY take place in our Outback outdoors covered area – please dress accordingly just in case.

Please note the Bar will be open during the gig. And we do not have credit card facilities on site.

Other then that its all fairly straightforward..ish 😉