Danny Carroll + Laurie Shaw

Fri 29 September 2023

Danny Carroll + Laurie Shaw


A Double Header Gig – Danny Carroll & Laurie Shaw, perform Live At Levis,

Over the Shop Counter,

8pm Friday 29th September

Pass The Hat Gig ( No Bookings)

#livemusic #ballydehob



Laurie Shaw hails from The Wirral Peninsula, the bit of land jutting out between Liverpool and North
Wales. For the last roughly a hundred years he has lived between counties Kerry and Cork. He has
recorded over a hundred albums in his DIY studio in Kerry which explore themes of nostalgia, small
towns, geography, folklore, antiquated TV shows and our relationship with media. Live, Shaw has
been backed by a plethora of cosmically unbeatable musicians, frequently re-assembled in an array
of different line-ups with different names. What was once The Band became The Swamp People,
which became The Magic Flutes which then became The South Kerry Supernatural Society. Shaw’s
notable works include the Brexit musing Helvetica (2019), the time-travel musical documentary
ANNUAL (2020), the disco-meets-found-sound meets-a-retelling-of-a-camping-trip Into The
Microcosm (2021) and the ragged, dark wood, mid-70s fantasy Sceptre (2022).
Part of the Dublin music scene for years, Danny Carroll is co-curator of A Litany Of Failures
compilation series showcasing independent artists from across Ireland. Having gigged in various
projects, he’s opened for kindred spirits such as Jeffrey Lewis and Pavement guitarist Spiral Stairs,
before the time came to work on his debut solo album. Enlisting the help of Belfast based producer
Chris W. Ryan (New Dad, Just Mustard, Robocobra Quartet), in January 2023, he released his debut
solo single ‘Affection’. Hailed as “a compelling re-introduction” (The Last Mixed Tape) and an
“idiosyncratic first outing” (Headstuff) the track went on to receive coverage on RTÉ Radio 1, The
Irish Times and HotPress among others.