Mary Coughlan

Thu 13 October 2022

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Mary Coughlan


We welcome the legend that is Mary Coughlan, an Irish jazz, blues and folk singer, to perform Live At Levis.

8pm, 13th October

Tickets €20 EMAIL ‘Mary’ in the subject field.


“The emotional purity in Mary Coughlan’s songs is so fragile that it is possible to become inconsolable when listening to her in a darkened room.” – Q Magazine

“A song is not complete unless it has been sung by Mary Coughlan.” –Melody Maker

“Her talent is awesome.” – The London Times

“Mary’s live performances have to be seen to be believed.”- NME

“The greatest sexiest redhead since Rita Hayworth. During one point in her set, Mary kept the audience transfixed as she sang ‘Strange Fruit’ without accompaniment. If you were to drop a pin, you would have been beaten up for it.”
The London Times