John Blek w/ The Broken Strings -EMAIL TO BOOK!

Sun 2 July 2023

John Blek w/ The Broken Strings -EMAIL TO BOOK!

A very special gig with Irish songwriter John Blek, Dresden based cellist Moritz Brümmer and Leipzig based viola player Filip Sommer.
The group met in July of 2022 for the first time while on an artist in residence programme in the Saxony countryside just outside Dresden. Blek had been commissioned to write a suite of songs by the Free State of Saxony and record them at Castle Studios, Röhrsdorf, DE. Brümmer and Sommer were also working on this session and the trio gelled to great effect. Working together in an inspired and fluid way.
It was the blend of their traditional classical training and their improvisational skills that
impressed John and led him to invite Brümmer and Sommer to join him on tour.
There is a sense of freedom and joy in the playing of this group. The rise and fall of ensemble string playing mixed with the fingerpicking guitar style and emotive lyricism of Blek’s songs. True synergy is achieved when they perform together.

John Blek w/ The Broken Strings


7pm ( Early Gig)

Sunday 2nd July

Tickets €20 Book Online Call To The Bar or mail