Dani Larkin

Sat 6 May 2023

Dani Larkin

Levis Corner House welcomes Dani Larkin 06 May 2023


Pipped by RTE Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Double J (Australia) and Folk Radio UK as a rising star on the Irish folk and alternative scene, the last few years have been a breakthrough for this emerging alt-folk artist, with 2023 shaping up to be an even bigger year with new music on the way and several debut global live tours.


Nominated for ‘Best Single’ (2022) ‘Best Album’ (2021) at Northern Ireland Music Prize, and ‘Best Emerging Artist‘ at RTE Folk Awards (2021), Dani Larkin has been an artist picking up speed with each release, and one that has been making her mark on the industry, in her own way.

An artist renowned for her unforgettable live performances, her magical songwriting with her vocal always taking centre stage, accompanied by her impressive guitar and banjo playing. Larkin has the ability to blend the old and new perfectly through her songwriting, delicately weaving themes of Celtic folklore with the more modern day landscape of her own experiences.


“Star on the rise”

John Toal // BBC Two

“Dani Larkin’s songs are mesmeric and tied to the old Gaelic world.”

Stuart Bailie // Belfast Telegraph

“Hotly-tipped singer-songwriter”

Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

“A convincing original voice in contemporary Irish folk”

Lauren Murphy, RTE Arena

“A real up and comer in the folk world”

NOVA Radio

“She adds a raw intensity throughout her performance, deliberate and deep story-telling that reels you in, an unforgettable voice”

“Very powerful” 

John Creedon, RTE Radio 1


Dani Larkin

Live At Levis

8pm 06 May 2023

Tickets €20 Book Online