Anna Tivel & Jeffrey Martin

Fri 16 September 2022

Anna Tivel & Jeffrey Martin

Levis Corner House welcomes Jeffrey Martin & Anna Tivel to perform LIVE AT LEVIS.

🎸 Jeffrey Martin writes music that probes the depths of the human experience and doesn’t shy away from its darkest corners. His songs can feel like short stories from literary giants like Steinbeck, Burroughs, or Cormac McCarthy and possess a raw intensity that comes from seeing his subjects up close. All the struggle, hurt, strife, and heartbreak that comes from living in this world are laid bare and unvarnished, yet somehow, Martin manages to mine and make space for what beauty remains.

🎻 Oregon based songwriter Anna Tivel’s newest album ‘Outsiders ’ starts with a lens so wide we’ve left the planet to look back from a great distance at the turmoil and beauty of our shared humanity. From there the lens pulls close and unfolds in a gripping collection of stories so often ignored. Tivel’s flawed and honest characters move through a landscape of hurt and loss, of small triumph and big love. In eleven songs full of recognition, veracity, and hope, Tivel’s watchful and empathetic eye details the undeniable ache of living



8pm FRIDAY 16th September

€20 BOOK ONLINE or Email or just let us know in the bar ( we are open Wed to Sat from 4ish)




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